York Music Latest: Mark shoos in a compelling single

Extract from the artwork from Mark's new single
9 Apr 2014 @ 10.28 pm
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Extract from the artwork from Mark's new single
Extract from the artwork from Mark’s new single

Fresh from his tour of the south, where he must have confused the hell out of the natives, York’s national treasure Mark Wynn continues to plough his own freak furrow with this week’s release of an extraordinary four-track single, his umpteenth release in as many months.

This blend of spoken word and noise-fuzz finds Mark banging on the same door that was first opened by Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Daniel Johnston and Wild Man Fischer.

In short, this will not be to everyone’s taste. But it is undoubtedly compelling, just as are Mark’s occasional performances at the Wednesday night open mic gigs that he hosts at The Habit in Goodramgate.

The enigmatically titled single Might Try Some Shoes On, Maybe I Won’t Try Some Shoes On has nothing to do with shoes.

If there were a prize for best song titles, Mark would be a gold medal winner. One of the four tracks on the single rejoices in the title, If I Was A Cat I’d Be Called Brian, Brian The Cat.

Unusually for Mark, the song is about a cat, called Brian.

Hear him live: Mark joins US blues singer Malcolm Holcombe at The Basement on Tuesday, April 15.

Parental alert: The language pushes some boundaries…