York mentalist provokes gasps, screams… and silence

26 Jun 2012 @ 12.10 pm
| Entertainment
It's all in the mind: Chris Rawlins on stage

Chris Rawlins knows what you’re thinking. Or so he claims. He’s a professional mentalist who performs his mind-boggling feats on stage and at corporate events. YorkMix wanted to find out more (but he already knew this)

How do you become a professional mentalist?

I became a mentalist after many years of performing as a magician when I was much smaller. I originally applied for some funding from university and that is what got my started properly. Most importantly you need to capable of the skills required.

What got you started?

It was my parents and my uncle who got me interested in the area of magic. I would be bought sets and shown tricks as Christmas, this made me catch the “performer bug”.

What exactly is it you do? Are you a magician or a mindreader?

I am a mentalist. Which essentially means that I tell people what they are thinking. I do not use tricks, I perform sometimes without certainty that anything might work, it can be a risky business to be in.

Does it take a lot of research, practice and training?

Yes, yes and yes. You need to become fluent in the techniques of the mentalist. Then be able to engage people, interest them and most importantly entertain them. I don’t believe that anybody could do this.

What sort of responses do you get?

I receive gasps, screams, applause, cheers, whistle and even silence… from shock and positive tensions in the room I am performing in, sometimes you can even hear a pin drop.

What do your friends and family think of what you do? Do you trick them?

I don’t, no. They are all very very supportive of me, they give me their opinions, thoughts and feelings on my new ideas and approaches… they are awesome.

Do things ever go wrong when you’re performing?

Honestly, yes. Not always, my show is designed to amaze and it does. However sometimes small things can go wrong and when your show revolves around people and interactions you never know what might happen. Although it is imperfections that make each show unique.

Do you get weird requests?

Sometimes, but people tend to behave…

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you?

That’s a big question, lots of funny things happen on stage and off stage. I once (on stage) nearly fell down some theatre steps… Internally I found that hilarious.

What are your ambitions?

To keep performing for audiences all around the world, consistently improving and learning.

Do you have any heroes?

Yes. Michael Weber and Teller to name two…

Can you apply your techniques to make everyday life better?

Sometimes – however it depends on the person. Don’t worry I only use my powers for good.

Could you read my mind?

Of course, however I suggest we meet for coffee soon and I will demonstrate what I do.

Watch this space…