York Hospital Trust pays out £17m in compensation in the last year

York Hospital Trust has settled 46 compensation claims in the past year – totalling nearly £17 million in payouts.

A spokesperson for the trust has now confirmed that a huge £12.5 million payment in October was a single payment made to a man who sued the hospital in the High Court after his birth was mismanaged, leaving him with severe disabilities.

The trust settled a total of 46 claims between October 2019 and October 2020, which came to a total of £16,889,249.

A spokesperson for the Trust said: “Damages awarded in clinical negligence claims are paid by NHS Resolution on behalf of the Trust.

“The Trust is committed to the thorough investigation, and swift resolution, of clinical claims.

“In addition any risks identified by such claims are incorporated into the patient safety processes within the Trust with the overall aim of reducing the chance of recurrence of such incidents.”

Damages can be awarded years after a patient is treated.

This month a man, now aged in his twenties, received a large settlement from the Trust after he was left with brain injuries.

He requires round-the-clock care.

A spokesperson for the Trust has offered their “sincere apologies” to the man and his family. The High Court heard the hospital admitted liability early in the case