York has a brand new tour – and it’s all about gin!

1 Mar 2019 @ 7.54 am
| Entertainment, Food & drink

Is there a better way to spend a couple of hours than walking around York, stopping for the occasional G&T?

The Bloody York Gin Tour

  • Various
  • York city centre
  • £35, including 3 different single York Gin & tonics
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If that sounds your, er, cup of tea then good news – The Bloody York Gin Tour launches today (Friday, 1 March).

The tour is led by award-winning guide ‘Mad Alice’ and is a blood-curdling, history-filled, walking and gin-drinking tour, mixing horrible history and restorative York Gins at three bars along the route.

It follows the stories of the city’s outlaws including Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin and ‘The Yorkshire Witch’, Mary Bateman.

York Gin director Emma Godivala said:

  • With all the horror stories, you’ll need a regular revitalising York Gin.

    Thousands of people love Mad Alice’s Bloody Tour of York – they’ll love this new adult-only tour even more as it has York Gin stops on top!

New superstrength gin

Outlaw and tonic anybody?
The first tour comes a year to the day since the launch of York Gin – and they are also celebrating the birthday with a super-strength version.

York Gin Outlaw tips the scales at a whopping 57% ABV.

Director Pete McNichol said:

  • Our motto is ‘History in the tasting’ – and at 57% ABV, York Gin Outlaw pushes the boundaries – rather like the city’s historic villains.

    Stronger flavours; higher alcohol – you’ll need to enjoy it with care, tonic and ice.

The new Outlaw gin is a traditional overproof or Navy Strength gin – named after the test used by officers from the early 1700s to see if the gin on board their ships had been illegally diluted.