York goes Lib Dem again – Party tops the poll in European election

Regional Returning Officer Tom Riordan declares the EU election results at Leeds Town Hall. Photograph: Leeds City Council on Twitter
27 May 2019 @ 11.45 am
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Elsewhere in England, it’s been all about the Brexit Party.

But in York we went Lib Dem.

The Liberal Democrats topped the poll in the City of York Council region, attracting more votes than any other party.

Local totals for York

PartyNumber of votes
Change UK – The Independent Group1,488
Conservative and Unionist Party3,357
English Democrats273
Green Party11,423
Labour Party6,241
Liberal Democrats16,340
The Brexit Party15,347
The Yorkshire Party1,507
UK Independence Party (UKIP)1,140

Electorate: 144,331
Turnout: 39.9%

Source: City of York Council

It follows the Lib Dems winning the most seats in the City of York Council election earlier this month.

As they campaigned to stay in Brexit, the Lib Dems’ success in York mirrors the Brexit referendum result when the city voted remain.

York’s turnout of 39.9% was higher than the Yorkshire and Humber average of 33.52%.

Of course these votes feed into the wider Yorkshire and Humber region. And after an historic night of voting, the region elected three Brexit Party MPs, and one each for the Lib Dems, Labour and Greens.

New MEPs for the Yorshire and Humber region

1The Brexit PartyJohn Longworth
2The Brexit PartyLucy Elizabeth Harris
3Labour PartyRichard Graham Corbett
4Liberal DemocratsShaffaq Mohammed
5Green PartyMagid Magid
6The Brexit PartyJake Pugh

Electorate : 3,867,775
Turnout : 33.5%

Source: Leeds City Council

The Brexit Party won its first seats in Yorkshire and Humber, electing John Longworth, Lucy Harris and Jake Pugh. Incumbant Richard Corbett retained a seat for the Labour Party.

The Liberal Democrats came third in the region, meaning that Shaffaq Mohammed wins a seat. Green Party came fourth, electing Magid Magid.

Mike Hookem (UKIP), John Proctor and Amjad Bashir (Conservative Party, formerly UKIP) failed to be re-elected.

Yorkshire & Humber EU result

PartySeatsChange% voteChange
Lib Dem1+115.5+9.2
Change UK0-2.3+2.3