York filmmaker to shoot movie with ‘A-list star’ promoting Yorkshire to the world

8 Jul 2020 @ 7.43 am
| Entertainment

The man behind an award-winning film partly shot in York is planning his next project – a movie to show the world the best of Yorkshire.

Sid Sadowskyj produced the semi-autobiographical film Scott And Sid, which won Best British Film in the National Film Awards.

He is now working on a ten-minute cinematic film to promote Yorkshire to the world.

Sid said: “Narrated by an A-list international star, and produced by Hollywood filmmakers to create world class cinematic visuals, it is designed to create hair raising moments that will make people say ‘I’m so glad I live here’, ‘I want to live there’, ‘I want to work there’, or “I want to visit there’. 

“With everything that has gone on so far in 2020, I wanted to find a project where I felt I could help Yorkshire the most.

“It’s time to re-imagine how Yorkshire is marketed and we can’t wait to start.

“We believe with the creative vision of this project and its ambition, we can really inspire growth for the region and attract new visitors, customers and investors.”

Wants your ideas

Shooting in Bishophill

He hopes the film will play an integral role in driving a post-lockdown revival by showcasing Yorkshire’s best assets, which include its

  • economic strengths
  • innovative companies
  • science and technology capabilities
  • sustainability ambitions
  • landscape, tourism attractions and people.

“The film’s ambition is to present Yorkshire as the number one place to work, invest, play and live,” said Sid, who lives in Wheldrake. 

“It’s a not-for-profit project with all the funding going directly into the making of and distribution of the film.”

He said the project’s £250K budget is being funded by private investors and Yorkshire businesses.

Sid would like to hear from you about what should be included in the film. You can get in touch via the Project Yorkshire website.