York diary: Confession of Dame Judi’s leading man, and duck league triumph

19 Apr 2015 @ 9.47 pm
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York’s own Oscar winner Dame Judi Dench always strikes the Diary as very stimulating company. And it turns out her fellow actor Robert Hardy agrees.

To be honest, he might have found our Judi a little too stimulating.

Robert, best known for his role rattling around the Yorkshire Dales as Siegfried Farnon in TV classic All Creatures Great And Small, filmed an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry V with Dame Judi in the Sixties.

He remembers in vivid detail a love scene in the BBC production.

“It was a very exciting moment because I was making love to the Princess of France who on this occasion was unspeakably pretty and adorable and delicious and got me really very, very hot under the collar,” he told the Mail Online.

If you are of a nervous disposition please stop reading now…

The article goes on…

So hot, it turned out, that as he approached Judi for their big embrace, he was already (as some might put it delicately) ‘ready’.

He is less wishy-washy. ‘I was in full erection!’ he booms across his room. ‘It’s the only time I ever had trouble with my hose in a love scene.’

Quack attack. Graphic: whatuni.com
Quack attack. Graphic: whatuni.com
The University of York is often found near the top of the best college leagues. But now it has taken the award that they all wanted.

York, it has been confirmed, is the university with the highest duck density of any in Britain.

That’s right. The Heslington campus has more of the web-footed chaps per square foot than any other.

Another amazing duck graphicWe have the website Whatuni.com to thank for drawing this to our attention.

It in turn sourced the science from the Duck Density website (long one of our favourite reads).

Mind you, there is one missing duck at the university. Do you remember when they sent a duck into space?

Well, the duck is missing in action…

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