York diary #1: Speed limit confusion, and the wrong result for City

16 Jan 2014 @ 11.04 am
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Welcome to the Mix diary, a motley collection of scraps from the weird walled world of York. This is the digital receptacle for all the bits of our city which can’t be tidily stored elsewhere.

And this is our pledge to you today. What this column lacks in entertainment or interest, it will make up for in sheer bloody-minded persistence.

The key here is you. Frankly, we don’t want to do the work, we’d rather go down The Maltings. So if you could send in stuff you’ve seen, funny photos, odd references to York, terrific tittle-tattle or trifling titbits, we’ll slap them on the digital page.

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☛ Frankly, there’s a limit


Thanks to Sam Rowntree for spotting this pic, as posted on the York Past & Present Facebook page. Apparently taken at the junction of St Stephen’s Road and Cornlands Road in Acomb it offers motorists a choice of speed limits.

Or does it mean you can combine the two and drive at 50mph? (Clarification: of course not, that would be highly dangerous).

☛ Own goal


York City have been on something of a run with a 100% record in 2014. But they weren’t quite as good as the Yorkshire Post made out.

Yes, the Minstermen did win their second game of the year against Dagenham & Redbridge, and yes they did score three goals. But the Post’s headline writer cancelled out the visiting team’s 80th minute goal turning a 3-1 scoreline into 3-0.

If only all clean sheets were so easy to come by.

☛ Big apple bigs us up

One of the most read stories on the New York Times as we write this is its guide to 52 Places to Go in 2014.

If readers follow this weekly travel itinerary, they will end up in York come June. At number 22 in the list is Yorkshire, recommended not for its rolling countryside, dynamic cities or peerless history – but for its beer.

“A final stay in the photogenic city of York offers a Tudor-style pub at the end of every cobbled lane, as well as modern beer temples like York Tap, Pivni and the House of Trembling Madness,” writes Evan Rail.

So expect an influx of people in these fine bars saying things like, “This pint of Treboom Spicecracker is goddam awesome!”