York cycle routes to be gritted this winter – as buses take fewer passengers

Cycle routes will be gritted again this winter – with transport bosses saying it is important to make cycling safer as buses can take fewer passengers this year.

A trial last year saw popular cycling and walking routes gritted before ice was forecast.

And the trial was hailed as a success, a council meeting heard.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne said: “This is certainly something that I was very keen on and put forward before I was part of the administration.

“This year we’ve got the added issue about capacity on buses as well.

“If we’re saying to people we don’t want you to use your car, but then they say well it’s too dangerous to use the bike because the off-road route away from the traffic is too icy, then we need to try to do something to respond to that.”

Routes could be changed in response to demand and the programme is expected to cost about £47,000.

Gritting could start in October.