York Christmas gift guide – pressies for the guys 2013

13 Dec 2013 @ 1.35 pm
| Fashion, Shopping

Back in the day, when socks and brogues were the obvious choice, gift-getting for boys was not much fun. Modern men have it better at Christmas.

Unlike the girls, their options consist of things that haven’t been suffocated in glitter. Here’s your guide to the best gifts York can offer for guys, from boys to men.

Mini Train Set from The Collection Box


A present that doesn’t discriminate according to age, this mini train set, is great fun for long journeys. From The Collection Box on High Petergate, it is priced at £12.

Vinyls from Inkwell


Charming vintage record store The Inkwell on Gillygate is a great place to wile away the hours (and unearth an individual gift). Recent finds include Britpop era vinyls, which are notoriously hard to source. This classic album from Pulp should put someone’s Christmas into a Different Class.

Scarf from Purple Haze


For too many retailers, male apparel is an afterthought, a small section at the back of the shop obscured by the polyester party dresses. Not so at vintage shop Purple Haze, who have an entire floor for the boys. For a cheap and seasonal stocking filler why not try one of their plaid scarfs, priced at £8.

York’s Motorsport Village


If conventional presents seem too ordinary, why not switch it up a gear and purchase a Christmas experience for someone at York’s Motorsport Village. Vouchers are available for a tailored racing experience.

Calendar from Give The Dog A Bone


A calendar remains an obligatory xmas present and this Marvel one is perfect for comic book fans of all ages. costing £9.99 it can be found at Give The Dog A Bone, an independent purveyor of quirky gifts on Fossgate. Think Urban Outfitters but less corporate.

Beer from the Trembling Madness


York favourite The House of Trembling Madness always has queues down Stonegate on Christmas Eve, so head there as soon as possible to purchase your festive booze. They stock a dizzying array of Christmas themed craft beer and have also started selling vouchers or ‘Beer Money’ which are a safe bet.