From York to BBC Radio 1 – Six local musicians to get national airplay

Bringing our musicians to a wider audience – Huw Stephens. Photograph: BBC / Damien Fry
18 Jun 2017 @ 5.41 pm
| Entertainment

Six local bands and artists will go national this week – with their tracks showcased on BBC Radio 1.

They have been selected to appear on Huw Stephens’ evening music programme, after being chosen by Jericho Keys.

Jericho’s BBC Introducing show on Radio York champions the best in music from York and North Yorkshire.

The bands will be played during Huw’s show next week, which runs from Monday to Thursday between 10pm and 1am.

Here Jericho reveals his picks – and why he chose them.

Litany – Flaws

It was like a lightbulb moment when Harrogate’s Litany sent me some new music via the BBC Introducing Uploader.

They have a knack of being able to capture the feeling of summer in 3 minute electronic pop songs.

You could quite easily imagine someone on your shoulders at a festival whilst drinking a warm beer as this record is being blasted through the PA.

The Howl & The Hum – Godmanchester Chinese Bridge

The Howl & The Hum generated such a buzz within York through live performance alone. They waited to release an official single and it worked wonders for them.

I knew from their session on the show that they were sitting on some really cool, original and imaginative tracks. So when Godmanchester Chinese Bridge finally came out, it blew my mind.

I can’t help but connect to the cynical lyric “so cruel to say but I hope you lose your way”. It’s sung in sincere tone that makes me question whether in fact it’s irony. That’s why I dig it.

Kritikal Powers – Part Of Me

Click the image to play

I can honestly say no one is spitting like Kritikal Powers is spitting within the county.

The York grime / hip hop artist sings from the heart and bares his soul. His own demons and battles are well documented but he doesn’t let them break his spirit. He writes about those experiences and what comes out are unbelievably honest and raw tracks.

I’ve always supported Kritikal Powers because I think he’s the real deal. He sings about his hometown and feelings, what is there not to like about that really?

Scott Quinn – Afar

What else can I say about Scott that I haven’t already said before on the radio? I think 2017 is going to be a colossal year for this Harrogate lad!

He has in fact just signed a record deal which proves that good things do happen to good people.

His lyrics and delivery hit you like a tonne of bricks. They remind me that I do have a heart in this ribcage of mine.

Scott can honestly keep a room’s full attention throughout his performance when he’s tickling the ivories. The bar has never been so easy to get to during his sets.

Faux Pas – I Hate Dancing

This tip was actually recommended by local gig promoter Simon Pattinson. We are asked for some suggestions by people who work closely in the music industry locally and I thought Simon would be perfect due to his passion and drive towards the North Yorkshire music scene.

I had the pleasure of being able to introduce Faux Pas onto the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds Festival. Where they had the festive punters eating out of their hands to be fair.

The York band take on strong social topics which is refreshing as there seems to be a lack of bands doing so on a ‘national’ stage. If you mix lo-fi punk and indie grunge together, you do get Faux Pas.

Isaac Tyler – Give Me Mercy

Again, chosen by a industry mover and shaker. Jason Odle from On’t Sofa manages Isaac and made me fully aware early on that he’d found someone special!

He was actually in session for me on Saturday evening (June 17) and his songs are sad in sentiment but uplifting in their performance. Which I find a beautiful juxtaposition.

I’m all for singer songwriters baring their soul and telling us things about their lives that we can connect to strongly. This is what Isaac Tyler does with ease.