York band morph into clay mates on new video

12 Jul 2012 @ 4.25 pm
| Entertainment

They’re the bluegrass band who eat their greens, the folkies who live life on the veg.

Introducing King Courgette – Poppa “King” Courgette, String Bean Slim, Hot Chilli McGrath, Bad Apple Two T’s Curtis and Zucchini Bill.

In the video for their song Hesitation Blues, the band morph into Plasticine versions of themselves before heading off to the Black Swan on Peasholme Green.

Everything to clay for: King Courgette in Plasticine
King Courgette have re-issued their album Diggin’. You can listen to the tracks below, or buy the album on Bandcamp for the bargain price of £4 digital download, £5 CD.

Be warned though, your feet will not stop tapping. And you may develop a sudden urge for broccoli.

The real King Courgette
The band have just played the Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival and are performing at the Galtres Festival on August 26. (That’s the real band, by the way, not their clay alter egos).