World Cup anthem teachers pen new song to mark England exit

…and in the loo
25 Jun 2014 @ 10.08 pm
| News

‘We gave it our all’ – so goes the plaintive refrain in Disco Mister’s new song, marking England’s early exit from the 2014 World Cup.

The Huntington School teachers who scored a viral hit with their sunnily optimistic pre-Brazil anthem Bring It Home decided to mark the end of England’s tournament with a reflective ballad.

The England Pain includes the line “We really believed we would bring it home”.

But the song has a defiant air: “But like three lions we will raise our roar/ We are England, we gave it our all.”

It is accompanied by a highly entertaining video shot last weekend by Karl Elwell.

This sees one of the duo – music tech specialist Ian Wilson – repeatedly discovering the other – religion, philosophy and ethics teacher Robin Parmiter – hiding in his house.

Bring It Home, raising money for two charities, made it to 100 in the official chart.

Disco Mister will perform it live at the Grand Départy at Huntington Stadium on Friday, July 4.

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