Woman comes under fire from air gun on York cycle path

The cycle path near White Cross Road where the incident happened. Photographs: YorkMix
25 Jun 2018 @ 7.02 pm
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A woman feared she would be hurt and her dog could be killed after she came under fire from an air gun in York.

Liz Broadbent was shot at twice by unseen assailants as she walked her dog Scout at lunchtime on Sunday (June 24).

She reported the incident to police and is warning others to be on their guard.

Liz said she decided to take Scout out before the start of England’s World Cup match.

She was walking along the cycle path near the White Cross Court Rehabilitation Hospital close to Huntington Road when it happened.

Liz told YorkMix:

There was one shot – and I didn’t really know what it was.

The dog was freaking out – he’s a really timid dog. I stopped and got down and comforted him.

Then there was a second shot which was really audible. It just whizzed right past my ear and ended up on something metallic.

The second one was a definite shot. I came off the cycle track really quickly and phoned the police.

The police said they would send someone to investigate.

‘I was shaking’

A view towards the bridge over Huntington Road
She believes that when she stopped she made herself a target “for another potshot – they got a lot closer”.

“Whether they were targeting me or the dog I don’t know. Because some people get a kick out of hurting animals.”

Liz said the experience did affect her.

I was really shaken up. When I got home my husband said, ‘what happened? You’re really shaking.’

My hand was shaking. You don’t realise what’s happening at the time.

Then you sit and think about it, and you think, ‘I could have been really hurt, or the dog could have been killed’.

Liz, 47, works for City of York Council and lives in the Groves. She fears for other people if the shooters aren’t stopped.

“The amount of kids who cycle on that cycle track – and if somebody’s taking potshots at them it’s not very good.

“I use the cycle track most days to walk the dog but I think I’ll stay well clear of it for a few days.”

Police appeal for witnesses

The path leading up to the bridge
North Yorkshire Police confirmed they were alerted to a report of an air rifle being shot on the cycle track on Sunday.

A spokeswoman for the force said:

The member of the public who reported the incident, who was in the area with her daughter and dog, stated that two shots were heard one of which went into the trees and one narrowly passed herself and her dog.

No one was injured but the reportee was understandably shaken by the incident.

She said officers are conducting enquiries in the area. Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101, select option one and pass the information to the Force Control Room.

Please quote reference 12180112737.