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There are courses for everyone at the Centre for Lifelong Learning
15 Jul 2013 @ 10.19 am
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There are courses for everyone at the Centre for Lifelong Learning
There are courses for everyone at the Centre for Lifelong Learning


As summer starts, so does the Centre for Lifelong Learning’s programme of open learning for the upcoming academic year, writes Iain Barr

Feeling slightly concerned that your grey cells may need a workout? Or would you perhaps just like to meet new people with similar interests?

For more than 25 years, the University of York has been offering evening and day classes to the general public through the Centre for Lifelong Learning, bringing together like-minded adults for learning in a variety of subject areas: July sees the unveiling of the new brochure which spans September 2013 to June 2014.

The programme for the upcoming academic year includes almost 200 different courses in subject areas such as creative writing, history, archaeology, science, music, philosophy and psychology. So whether you are seeking to study whilst balancing the demands of a busy life, looking to improve your employability, have retired and wish to re-engage, or just have a general interest you wish to pursue, the Centre aims to make learning an activity for everyone.

Courses that fit your life

Courses can be undertaken either for university-level credit or purely for pleasure, and offer a huge degree of flexibility, recognising that adult learners often need to balance the demands of daily life alongside their studies. There are also generous concessions on offer for those in receipt of a range of means-tested benefits to try and ensure that everyone can engage.

In addition to evening and day class-based courses on campus which combine short lectures and class discussion, the Centre also offers a range of distance learning provision for those who live outside the local area which attracts both a national and global audience.

‘Hooked from the start’

But what do the actual students themselves say? Nathan Firby has been a regular for over four years.

“In all honesty, I signed up to do some creative writing purely on a whim, and wasn’t entirely convinced I would complete it before I started,” he said.

“However, the tutoring and course content had me hooked from the start and I didn’t take a break until I’d gained my full certificate. I’d never thought of poetry as being for me, but I find myself completely converted and have even enjoyed minor literary recognition with my own work.”

With rolling enrolments taken throughout the academic year, in addition to a series of one-off Saturday day schools and free public lectures, it’s easy to join at any point.

Applications begin from July 16, 2013 by post or online registration, and there is also a chance to meet the tutors and staff at the annual Open Day on September 10, 2013 at the King’s Manor from 2-5pm.