What now for York’s dry fountain? Demolition plan to be reviewed

Parched on Parliament Street – the fountain that all the fuss is about. Photograph: Sofia Loopuit
13 Jul 2015 @ 2.24 pm
| Environment, News

York’s water-free fountain could live another day.

The Parliament Street feature, which has been little more than an eight-sided seat since its water supply was cut off two years ago, was slated for demolition.

But when Make It York made the plan public, a backlash forced a rethink.

The destination management company had thought that the proposal to pulverise the fountain had council approval.

But it turns out that any approval came from the last Labour-run council – not the new Tory and Lib Dem coalition which took charge after May’s election.

‘A different approach’

The new Liberal Democrat executive member for leisure, culture & tourism, Nigel Ayre, said he wanted the decision to be looked into by all the political parties.

And that review would take into account the results of an e-petition calling for the fountain to be retained.

The petition had collected 17 signatures by lunchtime on Monday, July 13.

“The previous Labour administration wasted millions on vanity schemes in the city-centre that had no cross-party or public support such as the controversial King’s Square redevelopment.

“We are taking a different approach,” Cllr Ayre said.

When the petition closes on August 15 he would ask the cross-party learning and policy committee to review the plans.

Cllr Ayre added:

This review will allow councillors and residents to have their say and decide how they want the space in Parliament Street to be used within the budget constraints which currently exist.

It should be a short review which will also involve proper consultation with market traders and with Make It York.