‘We’ve had a Hot Fuzz moment today’ – Fence flattened during police chase in York

What was left of the fence after the arrest. Photographs: @NPTyorknorth on Twitter
10 Jan 2021 @ 5.25 pm
| News

Police rugby tackled a fleeing suspect today – destroying a fence in the process.

Officers were deployed to an address in the Fourth Avenue area of York. A man fled via a window and tried to escape through neighbour’s gardens.

Police gave chase and rugby tackled the suspect, knocking down the fence panel in the process.

Another view of what was a fence

On Twitter, York North Neighbourhood Police Team described it as a ‘Hot Fuzz moment’ because it was reminiscent of the moment in that film where Nick Frost’s policeman crashes through a fence.

The operation was part of an investigation into county lines drug deals.

Supported by the York Specials, officers arrested five people.

Police at the scene
Cash was seized
This knife and phone were also taken as evidence

On Twitter, police said: “The investigation is ongoing but a large quantity of cash has been seized and a machete taken off the streets.”

“County lines” is the term used to describe a form of organised crime where criminals based in urban areas pressurise vulnerable people and children to transport, store and sell drugs in smaller county towns.

It takes its name from the phone lines used by organised crime gangs to communicate between towns, and is seen as a significant problem in York.