‘Warning: You might be whacked with a baseball bat.’ Cyclists shocked by this sign on a bridge near York

24 Sep 2020 @ 8.03 am
| News

Cyclists using a bridge near York were surprised to see a sign installed that suggested they might be hit by a baseball bat.

Hagg Bridge has been closed to cars and lorries for essential structural works since March.

The Grade II listed bridge over Pocklington Canal is on the B1228 road between York and Melbourne.

It’s still open for cyclists and pedestrians though and there is a walkway alonside the construction work.

However if you are on your bike you must get off and push it across as there is limited space.

A sign was put up that appeared to be aimed at cyclists who were not getting off their bikes as instructed.

It shows an image of someone attacking a stick figure on a bike with a baseball bat and knocking them off.

Strange response

Another view of the sign

One cyclist who got in touch with YorkMix said he discovered the sign on a trip out with his wife from York. It struck him as rather strange response to the problem.

He said: “I’m not surprised, as it does feel like there is more hostility towards cyclists at the moment.

“But this was probably going a bit too far even if it was meant in humour.”

When YorkMix visited the site on Wednesday it had been removed on the instructions of the managing director at Direct Traffic Management, Simon Chadwick. He said he was a keen cyclist himself and would never allow a sign like this to leave his yard.

The firm apologised if anyone had felt threatened.

They added that they believed the sign was vandalised while out on site.

The sign was removed this week
Construction work at the bridge

The £900,000 repair work on the bridge involves the construction of a concrete slab to strengthen the structure.

Due to the narrow road at this site, new permanent traffic lights will also be installed on either side to allow traffic to cross over the bridge from one direction at a time.

Safety barriers will also be installed along the length of the bridge.