Want to know where North Yorkshire Police’s speed cameras are? Follow them on Twitter

A North Yorkshire Police mobile safety camera. Photograph: North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau on Twitter
29 Jan 2019 @ 7.06 pm
| News

Motorists in North Yorkshire can now find out where some of the police mobile speed cameras are deployed via Twitter.

New Twitter account @NYTrafficBureau will give details on the deployment of the cameras as well as real-time updates about driving conditions from safety camera operators across the county.

The channel will also provide brief details of enforcement action live from the scene.

And the operators will share road safety advice and remind residents of how to report speeding concerns where they live.

Help and advice

Jamie Smith, of North Yorkshire Police’s Traffic Bureau, said:

  • Our mobile safety cameras work from many different locations across North Yorkshire, from busy A-roads to the centre of communities.

    As such, our operators are ideally placed to help and advise motorists.

    They may help them become aware of bad driving conditions, make people aware if excessive speeds are being detected in a certain location, or remind them of ways to stay safe.

He said the cameras have cut casualties by 20% in the areas where they are deployed.

Not all mobile safety camera locations will be included in the new Twitter feed because not all operators will be tweeting.

But North Yorkshire Police hopes the feed will expand in the future, providing drivers with an increasing amount of information.

Police remind everyone to never to use their mobile phone while driving.