Video: York gets starring role on national TV (in supermarket commercial…)

‘I’m not fibbing…’ A shopper on Shambles in the ad
11 Sep 2015 @ 8.08 pm
| News

York’s ancient charms, layered history and mysterious snickelways have long been beloved of filmmakers.

In the last year alone, parts of the city have become backdrops for screen adaptions of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and the Horrible Histories’ crew in their Elizabethan romp, Bill.

And the makers of new ITV drama Dark Angel, starring Joanne Froggatt, have been hereabouts for weeks to film their story of a real-life serial murderess.

But now it has achieved perhaps its greatest screen accolade.

For York is now starring in… an ad for Aldi.

Shoppers in Patrick Pool, near the market, on High Petergate and rowing on the Ouse were asked to reveal which supermarket consumers’ organisation Which? had rated the best.

Turns out it’s Aldi, which came as no surprise to most in the commercial.

Purpleman gets a look in on Stonegate, and the final seconds are shot on Shambles. It was clearly filmed a while back, as this was before Freeborn & Son gave way to Roly’s Fudge.

Whatever they are selling, it’s a good commercial for the sunny beauty of old York.