Video: York Art Gallery has reopened – with an exhibition celebrating Our Heroes

1 Aug 2020 @ 12.48 pm
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York Art Gallery threw open its doors again today (Saturday, 1 August) – and launched a new exhibition championing NHS workers.

The gallery is now free with donations very welcome. Tickets have to be booked in advance via the website.

And it’s Our Heroes exhibition is a timely tribute by York artist Karen Winship to the tireless and selfless work of NHS staff.

Karen painted the portraits of the workers from across England and Ireland, and each of the 11 pictures tell its own story of working on the frontline caring for the victims of the virus.

Also you can nominate your own hero – and they could be added to the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until 23 August as part of the city’s Our Heroes Welcome campaign.

Add your hero

An artistic tribute

Sarah Yates, creative learning producer for York Art Gallery, said: “Karen’s brilliant work captures some of the real heroes who have selflessly been working on the front line for the NHS during the pandemic.

“We’re delighted to be able to show them as part of our reopening displays and to support the city’s Our Heroes Welcome campaign. 

“Alongside these fantastic portraits, we are inviting you to send us digital pictures of the essential workers who have made a big difference to your life during lockdown.

“This could be teachers, refuse collectors, supermarket staff, bus drivers or care workers – is there someone you know who deserves to be celebrated? If so we would love to include them in the exhibition!”

To nominate them or yourself email [email protected] with a landscape digital image of the person you’d like to nominate, with a maximum of 50 words telling the gallery why they’re your hero, plus an email address so we can contact them for permission to include their image in the exhibition. 

Those sent will be added to the exhibition throughout its run.