Watch: The moment when a huge 18-tonne flood gate is slotted into place in York

28 Jan 2021 @ 6.03 pm
| News

Easy does it… The massive new flood gate has been eased into place at York’s Foss Barrier today.

The replacement gate weighs 18 tonnes and is 8.5m (28 ft) high. It was swung into place by a giant crane, marking a major milestone in a £38m upgrade that will reduce flood risk to around 1,200 properties in York.

This work was meant to happen earlier this month – but then the flooding happened, and the Foss Barrier was called into action.

The new gate will prevent flood water from the River Ouse backing up along the River Foss after heavy rainfall.

This latest milestone brings the Environment Agency’s upgrade to the Foss Barrier pumping station one step closer to its scheduled completion date of June 2021.

All the mechanical and electrical equipment that operates the gate is being replaced, upgraded and fully integrated with the rest of the Foss Barrier pumping station.

The giant crane at work

The floodwall between Skeldergate Bridge and the Novotel is also being raised.

Mark Fuller, project lead for the Foss Barrier improvement scheme with the Environment Agency, said: “We are also investing a further £45m in other parts of the city as we construct the York Flood Alleviation Scheme that will reduce flood risk to over 2,000 properties and make the city more resilient to climate change.

“The Foss Barrier is upgrade is a vital part of reaching that goal.”