Video: Tadcaster football ground waterlogged again

20 Jan 2021 @ 4.47 pm
| News

This was something that the fans, players and staff at Tadcaster Albion hoped they wouldn’t see again.

“It’s back to square one” as board member Adrian Thompson said, as he looked across a waterlogged pitch and club house next to the River Wharfe.

It’s difficult to see how the club will bounce back again but the town has shown great support to recover from past floods and it’s hoped that there will be a way forward from this too.

Video – Adrian Thompson talks to David Dunning

Adrian Thompson, a member of the board, said it was a disaster and it looks like there is more to come because the river is still rising. “There are plans in for flood defences, if we can get the water to pass by rather than through then we can look at building a new club house”

Tadcaster Albion Ground January 2021

In the past Chairman Andy Charlesworth has said “We have invested thousands of pounds in the club following previous floods. We just can’t keep doing this every year.”

They can’t get flood insurance and everytime this happens they face the possible closure of the club.

They have raised a lot of money in the past through appeals which has helped them get back on their feet but this time it is clear, they need the flood defence work to go ahead to give the site long term security.