Video: Inside the home of Claudia Lawrence – almost untouched since she disappeared

14 Feb 2017 @ 8.20 pm
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Cameras have been allowed into the home of Claudia Lawrence for the first time.

Claudia’s mum Joan allowed former police officer turned journalist Mark Williams-Thomas to take the television cameras into the Heworth Road house for his Unsolved series on the ITV daytime show This Morning.

The inside of the terraced house has been largely left untouched since Claudia disappeared in March 2009.

Mark explained that Joan Lawrence had given him access to “keep the story alive”.

This follows last month’s decision by North Yorkshire Police to scale down their investigation unless new information comes to light.

Clothes and belongings still there

The front room in Claudia’s house. Photograph: ITV

The film shows Claudia’s coats still hanging on a peg on the door, her belongings under the stairs, and her clothes hanging in her wardrobe.

“My police contacts are very clearly telling me that those responsible for Claudia’s disappearance and murder have been in this house,” Mark says.

Some of her belongings under the stairs. Photograph: ITV
Coats hung up by Claudia and never touched again. Photograph: ITV
The clothes in Claudia’s wardrobe. Photograph: ITV

Mark said on This Morning he has spoken to many people connected with the police and from that “I believe this case is solvable.

“I think there are two individuals involved in her disappearance. And I think, over time, when they either get into a position when they fall out with loved ones or they talk loosely, we will get into a position where we’ll be able to solve this.”

If anyone has information on Claudia’s disappearance they should contact police on 101
You can see the full report on the ITV Hub for the next few days

‘I had that sense that something was wrong’

In his film for This Morning, broadcast on Tuesday (February 14) he talked to Claudia’s parents Joan and Peter, and her close friend and former housemate Jennifer King.

This is what they told him.

Photograph: ITV

Her friend telephoned me on the Friday morning to say that she was very worried, she hadn’t heard from Claudia.

And that made me so worried that I jumped in the car and came across. I had that sense that something was wrong.

– Peter Lawrence

Photograph: ITV

I light a candle every night for Claudia because it’s a form of prayer.

No matter how busy I am, no matter what I do, it never goes away.

– Joan Lawrence

Photograph: ITV

When she first went missing I did think she was alive and she’d come back in a few days’ time.

And then I thought she was dead. And then recently I’ve got to thinking she might be alive again.

You’re just in a constant cycle of grief.

– Jennifer King