Video game secrets revealed as film, tech and media leaders gather in York

This VR installation is by Clon, who are part of the Stories of Solitude conference
18 Sep 2018 @ 5.06 pm
| Entertainment

Some of the major names in video games and immersive technology are heading to York for a series of inspiring conferences.

Hosted by York Mediale, the new international media arts festival, the three conferences will cover everything from storytelling in video games to solitude in a digital world.

And there’s even a chance for games designers and filmmakers to get free business advice from leading experts.

Mediale creative director Tom Higham said speakers will be sharing the latest developments in their fields.

  • This symposia series is as good as you will see anywhere in the world and delegates will have the chance to debate the most current and vital issues within video-gaming, art, theatre, science, philosophy and technology.

All the events take place at the Hospitium in Museum Gardens. And you can book a single ticket for all four days at a reduced price here.

So what’s on? We’re glad you asked…

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The British Games Institute is heavily involved in this two-day conference considering how video games makers can reach new audiences.

Leading practitioners of multimedia storytelling will share secrets and perspectives from their work.

Sam Barlow, the creator of interactive detective game Her Story, will talk about 21st century storytelling.

And it’s hands on too. Makers of interactive media will bring their latest projects to the conference so you get to play with the games and see the films of the future.

These include a movie you control with your brain, Pilot Theatre’s VR thriller Traitor and a game where you interact with a virtual jellyfish.

And if you want to learn from the best – for free – you can.

Companies and sole traders who work in moving image for storytelling, spanning film and television, games and technology, can book a free surgery with leading experts in games, films and virtual reality.

Stories of Solitude

Are we alone in a digital world? And if so, what does that mean?

Stories of Solitude – Performance, Technology and Digital Overload is a one-day conference on a very hot media topic: loneliness, social media, digital connectivity and the fear of missing out.

It looks to answer questions like…

  • How do we maximise human contact in cities populated by smart objects?
  • How can technology improve the health of communities?
  • Being connected is great – but is being present in the moment better?
  • How can art explore the ethical questions posed by robots and artificial intelligence?

It is co-curated by Eirini Nedelkopoulou, associate professor of theatre and performance at York St John University, and features artists including Lundahl & Seitl, Invisible Flock and Shannon Lee.


Sixteen speakers are lined up for this year’s DotYork, the annual digital conference for curious minds.

This year it is focusing on the work we do and how it affects the world – and the people – around us.

Ideal for people working in digital and creative industries, DotYork speakers this year include

  • Neil Costello on building a trusted bank from scratch
  • Helen Joy on the dangers of digital exclusion
  • spoken word artist Isaiah Hull, and
  • Beth Vincent on how businesses can respond in an ethical way to modern challenges.

As the organisers say, “This isn’t a technical conference, there won’t be any code on screens or complex how-to’s.

“Instead, our talks will become talking points set to intrigue, inspire and challenge the way you think about your work.”