Video: Fox rescued after being trapped under York street

21 Oct 2020 @ 5.04 pm
| News

One fox’s cunning plan went awry – after he became trapped in York city centre.

The animal got stuck in an old cellar on Museum Street.

Thankfully, the RSPCA came to its rescue after a someone walking past spotted the animal and gave the charity a call.

Footage: the RSPCA

The fox had fallen down a lightwell. The old cellar was no longer in use since the building in Museum Street was converted into flats. 

RSPCA Inspector Thomas Hutton, who rescued the fox, said: “He must have fallen down the lightwell at the front of the building which was about a 15ft drop and he was unable to get back out.

“The passer-by said they spotted the fox trying to jump onto a windowsill but falling repeatedly back down so this poor fella really needed help.

The fox fell down a disused cellar on this building on Museum Street. Photograph © Google Street View

“The access to the cellar isn’t used anymore since it was converted to flats which meant I had to crawl through the old cellar to access the fox.

“Thankfully, he wasn’t injured and generally in a good condition so I contained him and brought him safely back up to street level.

“I took him to a quiet spot nearby at Museum Gardens and released him back into the wild immediately.”

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