Video emerges of fight at York races

A still from the video by Twitter user JPattzzz
27 May 2018 @ 5.08 pm
| News

A video of a group of people fighting at York Races has emerged on Twitter.

The footage, by Twitter user JPattzz, shows a number of men pushing and aiming kicks at one another.

It was taken during the First Saturday meeting at York Racecourse yesterday (May 26). At the time of writing the video had been viewed 7,400 times.

The skirmish broke out close to the clocktower at the course.

One woman racegoer can be heard shouting to the group: “There’s kids here!”

York Racecourse spokesman James Brennan told the Press that said a group of racegoers had ‘let themselves down’. He said no one had made a complaint or reported any injuries.

He told the paper stewards had swiftly arrived and the groups had been asked to leave the course. Another group elsewhere had also been ejected for over boisterous behaviour, but there had largely been a good, family atmosphere.