Video: Caught on camera – Blatant fly-tipper dumps rubbish behind houses in York

21 Oct 2020 @ 5.35 pm
| News

Fly-tipping is a common problem across York. But perhaps this individual will think twice about doing it again after being caught on camera.

The footage, shot by a security camera, captures the person almost casually dumping rubbish behind houses off Lawrence Street.

Neighbours have complained to the council after a long list of rubbish was left behind their properties.

Over the last few weeks a sofa, a coffee table, plastic sheeting cut up into strips, kitchen worktops and even a bag of plaster have been casually dumped.

The footage caught on CCTV. An unpixellated version is going to City of York Council

One resident told YorkMix that they were fed up with it.

“It’s very frustrating because it’s not as if there is nowhere to take it nearby. We are only a short drive from the Hazel Court tip on James Street.”

The resident, who did not want to be named, said that it was not right to trespass onto another perosn’s land to dump rubbish.

But now they have the video alongside still pictures, including details of a car registration, and they have contacted the council who will be following it up.

What does the council say about fly-tipping?

Just one of the many items that residents have round behind their properties

City of York Council is responsible for clearing fly-tipping:

  • on public land and highways
  • on York’s riverbanks
  • in the navigable areas of the River Foss.

They cannot help with fly-tipping in the River Ouse, this is the responsibility of the Environment Agency.

If fly-tipping is on privately owned land, NHS or library property, or ‘un-adopted roads’, they will investigate any offences and ensure the landowner arranges the removal of the dumped items.

People who are caught face fixed penalty fines of up to £400. If it’s serious enough to go to court then that can rise to £50,000 – or even prison.

You can find out more on how to report incidents here.