Video and pix: York firefighters cordon off city centre street over safety concerns

15 Mar 2019 @ 11.28 am
| News

If you don’t have a head for heights, probably best not to be a firefighter.

This was the scene in York today (15 March) as a fire crew took to the skies on their aerial ladder platform.

They cordoned off a section of Lendal after concerns were raised that the tiles on the Harkers building were loose.

Reports came from the Post Office building on the opposite side. No masonry fell into the street.

Two crews went to St Helen’s Square. A pair of firefighters went up on the ladder to inspect the roof tiles to make sure they were safe.

A small crowd gathered by the Mansion House to watch the crews at work.

In pictures

The platform went up in high winds
Inspecting for possible damage
Stretching across to the roof
A different angle… Lord Mayor Cllr Keith Orrell took this from the Mansion House

The ladder fully extended

The team operating the ladder
A fire engine in St Helen’s Square
Two crews went to the scene