Uber to appeal York’s decision to deny it a licence

4 Jan 2018 @ 5.47 pm
| News, Transport

Uber is appealing against the decision to remove its York licence.

Last month City of York Council members voted not to renew the licence for the controversial taxi app firm.

That decision by the gambling, licensing & regulatory committee, was met with cheers at the council’s West offices HQ.

But some York residents and Uber users took to social media to condemn the decision.

Fighting back

A sign in a York taxi window during a previous protest about Uber. Photograph: Richard McDougall

Now Uber is fighting back

The company has filed an appeal notice at York Magistrates’ Court regarding the council’s licence decision.

An Uber spokesperson said: “While we have today filed our appeal we are also seeking to meet with York City Council in order to address their concerns.

“We want to continue providing more choice and competition for both consumers and licensed drivers in the city.”

Uber can continue operating as normal pending the appeal process.

Two grounds for refusal

Uber’s arrival in York prompted a big debate

At December’s meeting, York taxi drivers said many Uber vehicles on our roads were driven by people with “no knowledge of our city, lack of respect for our roads, illegally plying for hire on taxi ranks and breaking our traffic laws repeatedly”.

But Uber said thousands of York people had used the service and “passengers tell us they love being able to track their car on a live map, pay without cash and get a receipt with their fare and the route taken”.

Councillors put forward two grounds for objecting:

  1. the fact that Uber had been the subject of a massive data breach which affected 2.7 million UK users of its app
  2. the number of complaints against Uber in York.