Treat yourself with Granny’s Easter biscuits

28 Mar 2013 @ 6.28 pm
| Food & drink

Yummy biccies
Here’s a recipe taken straight from my granny’s old cookbook. These biscuits are the perfect Easter treat, and something all the family will enjoy baking.

It is a recipe from one of those classic old cookbooks, Cooking Explained by Barbara Hammond. So tie on that apron, clear the decks and let’s get cracking…



250g block of salted butter at room temperature
4oz caster sugar
12oz plain flour
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3oz currants
(makes about 40 biscuits)


Preheat oven to 160 degrees centigrade.

Break-up the butter and add it to all the other ingredients EXCEPT the currants. Place in mixer on lowest setting and mix until all ingredients start to bind together in a dry dough.

Add currants for the final minute or so of mixing.

MixTip! The dough freezes particularly well, so you can wrap half in cling film and freeze at this point if you wish.

Flour your table of work-surface and roll-out the mixture to around the thickness of a pound coin. Cut out biscuits using a three-inch cutter and place on baking trays.

Place trays in oven and cook for around 15 minutes or until golden in colour. Once cooked, remove and place on cooling rack. Lightly sprinkle with sugar and eat!