York’s having a laugh! Three star stand-ups in one week

22 Sep 2016 @ 9.38 am
| Entertainment

With the summer gone and Christmas donkey’s years away, we could all do with cheering up.

And the good news is that three top stand ups are ready to put a smile on our face and a split in our sides.

It looks like York is about to have a funny old week. So who’s on when?

Jimmy Carr

Grand Opera House

Sun Sept 25 @ 8pm


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In 15 years on the circuit, Jimmy Carr has performed nine sell-out tours, playing nearly 2,000 shows to more than two million people across four continents.

And now he’s distilled the snappiest one-liners and most guffaw-worthy gags into one greatest hits show, hitting the Grand Opera House on Sunday. There were a handful of tickets left at the time of publication.

Ross Noble

York Barbican

Tue Sept 27 @ 8pm


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The most random, surreal and hairy of our stand up trio, Ross Noble is ready to do a Brain Dump on York this Tuesday.

Almost the direct opposite in style to Jimmy Carr, Ross specialises in running an idea through his steampunk imagination before launching the twisted result into the stratosphere and seeing where it flies.

Rich Hall

York Theatre Royal

Wed Sep 28


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Another supreme storyteller, Rich Hall is the grouch from Montana who has everything in his comedy travel bag from absurdist irony to rapid-fire wit.

Branching out recently with hugely watchable BBC4 documentaries including Rich Hall’s You Can Go To Hell, I’m Going To Texas, the star’s observations will make you look differently at the world – once you’ve stopped laughing.