Three men arrested in York after car drives the wrong way down the A64

26 Jan 2021 @ 8.41 am
| Crime

Three men were arrested after a car drove the wrong way down the A64.

The car failed to stop for police and “unbelievably drives the wrong way down the A64” said Sgt Paul Cording on Twitter.

“At around 1.15am  officers’ suspicious were raised about a vehicle in the Acomb area,” a North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said.

“They attempted to stop the car but it but it drove off without stopping.

“It was followed by officers to the A64 before turning into the wrong carriageway.

“For safety reasons, officers stopped following the car at this point, but it was picked up again by officers when it drove onto York ring road.”

It was pursued by officers at high speed into York, along The Mount and Dalton Terrace.

One witness said the pursuit was “very fast” and “terrifying”, especially given the icy conditions.

It was brought to a stop by specially-trained officers a short time later at Askham Bar roundabout.

Three men from the car were arrested. The driver remains in custody for questioning.

He was arrested on suspicion of multiple offences including possessing cocaine with intent to supply, failing to stop for the police, dangerous driving, drug driving, theft, driving without insurance or licence,  and a fraud offence.

Sgt Cording said: “He has shown a complete disregard for the safety of other road users with the manner of his driving and will be dealt with when fit.”