Thousands of students told: Stay in York until lockdown is over

4 Nov 2020 @ 7.11 am
| News

Students living in York should not go home before the end of lockdown, a university has said.

Some had asked if they were allowed to go back home during the coming weeks.

But the University of York has now written to them to say they must stay in the city as things stand.

In the letter, academic registrar Wayne Campbell writes: “We have had questions from some students about whether or not you can leave your term time home to go elsewhere before, or during, lockdown.

“I know how bewildering and overwhelming all of this can seem.

“So I am writing to let you know that we have, just this afternoon, received updated government guidance.

“That guidance is really clear in requesting that students should not leave their term-time address before 5 November, or during the period of lockdown from 5 November up to 2 December.”

Remain in one household

He adds: “It is important to also consider the context that the city of York remains in Level 2 (High), so even before Thursday 5 November, the current guidance also asks that students shouldn’t move from one household to another.

“For most students, this means we are requesting that you stay in York until the end of the lockdown period.”

There are some exceptions to this:

  • if students have formed a support bubble with another household (this can only happen if either you or they live in a single adult household)
  • if they need to provide or receive care
  • to access medical care
  • for compassionate reasons.

The letter finishes: “The university continues to offer face-to-face learning opportunities on campus and we encourage you to participate as fully as you can.

“During this time, you can socialise with everyone in your student household and you can still meet with one friend at a time outside your household in outdoor locations.

“We will be announcing further measures to provide welfare and social support to help you through this extraordinary period. But please for now we ask that you stay in York.”