Thousands of free online magazines and books available via York Explore – thanks to a £17K council grant

Newspapers, magazines and ebooks will be made available to library card holders online – thanks to a £17,000 grant from City of York Council.

Audiobooks and ebooks for children and adults are already available through the York Explore website – as well as ancestry research tools and historic images of the city.

But the extra cash means the library can buy more online books – and subscribe to Press Reader – a service that offers access to more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from all over the world.

And it will help keep residents and their families entertained during the coronavirus lockdown.

Virtual activities

Cllr Darryl Smalley with the Press Reader website

Fiona Williams, chief executive of Explore York Libraries and Archives said: “As information professionals we have provided links to reliable sources of information on the Explore website to support individuals, families and communities of York during this emergency.

“We have a range of e-books available for all ages and we have provided links to activities for all ages.

“We are delighted to receive funding support through City of York Council, this will be used to extend the range of on-line resources and virtual activity available for all ages.”

Cllr Darryl Smalley, executive member for culture, said: “Our libraries are a lifeline for many at this time.

“Whether it’s reading a good book or exploring the many resources Explore has to offer, it’s providing a vital service now more than ever, particularly for residents living on their own.

“We’re delighted to be offering this additional funding to enable Explore to continue providing our communities’ with support virtually during the current restrictions.

“Thanks to this investment, York residents will soon have free access to over 7,000 newspaper and magazine titles – what better way is there to pass the time in the coming weeks.”

Virtual book groups and other activities could also be launched.

The money will come from a coronavirus general support grant.

Residents who are not yet library card holders can sign up at