This woman’s search for the man she met in a bookshop has the whole of York on tenterhooks

9 Dec 2019 @ 6.17 pm
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We all love a modern day love story, but who would have predicted that one would take place in a shop on Coney Street?

A York book lover’s brief encounter in Waterstones has left the whole city – and far beyond – on tenterhooks as to the outcome.

Toria Emily was on the first floor when the fateful moment happened, which she shared in this tweet:

The time of the chance meeting was about 3pm on Saturday. And now Toria’s search has everyone gripped.

At the time of writing her original message has been retweeted 1.7K times and been liked by more than 4,000 romantics. And Toria, who works at City of York Council, has hundreds of new followers waiting to discover what happens.

People are desperate for her to find the ‘tall, well spoken, bespectacled man’ (even though a few unkind folk have suggested it might be Jacob Rees-Mogg).

‘A welcome relief from Brexit!’

Were you the special Waterstones man?
It’s the beginning of what could be York’s most romantic love story since Damon And Debbie and a lot of people are invested in it. This is what we’ve learned so far…

It is restoring people’s faith in humanity

Some had met their own true loves in similar fashion

Others speculated about whether the mystery man was a ‘keeper’ or not…

Many felt this was story was just waiting for the Hollywood treatment

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But most people just want to know if the story has a happy ending