This is how York’s new Roman museum could look

Inside the Roman museum, according to an artist's impression
3 Jul 2019 @ 7.33 am
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This is how Jorvik bosses imagine their new Roman museum might look.

The York Archaeological Trust revealed the concept images of the planned visitor attraction the day before a public consultation on the idea.

Created by design company RMA, which last worked with the trust on the revamped Jorvik Viking Centre, the images show some ideas for how Roman York might be presented to visitors.

The attraction would be built as part of a multi-million Roman Quarter development of Rougier Street, to feature a 145-bed hotel, and new shops and restaurants.

It will take five years to turn the concept, undertaken by the trust, York developer North Star and hotel group Native, into reality.

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Looks very swish
Trust director of attractions Sarah Maltby says the ideas showcased in these images are only a first concept, and much will change in the coming months. She said:

  • We have been working behind the scenes on concepts for what the visitor attraction may eventually look like for some time, but this is without knowing what fascinating items we might unearth during the archaeological dig.

    Our role is to share the stories of Roman York, and these stories will inevitably be shaped by what we find here and the things we learn for the first time about how the Romans lived on this very site.

Mosaics a-go-go

Building work will take place after a two-year archaeological dig at the site, where visitors will be encouraged to get hands on.

New street

What do you think?
The entrance to the Roman attraction will be on a new street from Tanner’s Moat to Tanner Street.

That reinstates a former Roman road and opens up a vista towards All Saints Church on North Street.

“We hope to use this to create an interactive space that provides a fantastic precursor to the exhibition inside,” said Sarah.

Residents and businesses will have the opportunity to find out more about the plans at a public exhibition event.

When: Thursday 4 July between 1pm and 7pm
Where: Society, 1 Rougier Street, between 1pm and 7pm.
More detailsOn the Roman Quarter Consultation website