‘This is brilliant!’ York teachers’ Fresh Prince music video parody cheers up the city

10 Feb 2021 @ 8.41 am
| Education

Schools across York have been finding new ways to connect with their students in these strange times – but one has gone further than most.

Teachers at New Earswick Primary School have created a hilarious music video to cheer everybody up.

Based on the theme music to Will Smith’s classic sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it tells the story of the school’s response to the pandemic.

‘Well this is the story all about how our lives got flipped, turned upside down’, begins the tribute to DJ Jazzy Jeff.

It includes scenes of the teachers making sure they don’t sit too close together by using a 2m rule, ‘shooting some netball outside the school’, dancing in classrooms and in the snow – and of course teaching children online and in person.

“I look at my classroom and I say a prayer that it won’t be too long till the kids are all there,” the song ends, with the caption “Stay positive!”

And people can’t get enough of it. “Ohh we absolutely loved it,” said Lisa Goodwin on Twitter. “It cheered us all up thank you.”

And Charlotte Proctor agreed: “This is brilliant!!”