Theatre for November: From a king to a Humble Boy

5 Nov 2013 @ 11.03 am
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Powerful… Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
Powerful… Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down

andy-curry-headshotThere’s a surfeit of cracking shows to warm the cockles this autumn, says our theatre blogger Andy Curry

Ooooh I love autumn! Pale-skinned gingeresque folk such as myself can emerge, blinking from our darkened cupboards and face the outside world without the ever present risk of the sun turning us into human lobsters.

We can walk the streets, kicking through the fallen leaves, admiring the crisp blue skies and stretching out in our chunky knit jumpers. The outdoors are ours again!

We can then shuffle smartly into the nearest darkened room to watch some of the finest theatre York has to offer. You can’t stay outside forever.

November has a cracking array of variety and scale shows coming up – and here are the ones that stuck out to me…

Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down

I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about this production of Richard Cameron’s powerful one-act play now showing at the Theatre Royal Studio, and I can’t wait to see it for myself.

Written as a series of interconnected monologues, the multi-awarding winning play is as beautiful as it is tragic. Set in South Yorkshire against the noir mode of moorland, water and stone, this is an extraordinarily delicate portrait of love, perseverance, heartbreak and strength.

Richard III

We can't get enough of Richard III
We can’t get enough of Richard III

One of my favourite characters and plays hands down, I’m not sure there could be too many versions of this fabulous play produced.

The text seems to allow a company with so much room to maneouvre into their very own interpretation that it always seems fresh and exciting.

And the title character – between his appearance in Henry VI (his “origin story” if you will) and this, his headliner play – is simply so complex, so excitingly devious and so full of opportunity that it’s a dream part for an actor.

With many in York currently getting themselves very passionate about the real Richard and his final resting place (we know, we know, he was nothing like the Shakespearean character!) – this production is timely to say the least.

In a co-production between York Theatre Royal and Nottingham Playhouse – this production claims to explore the parallels between Richard and his own corrupted motivations and actions, and our own modern day power hungry politicians.

Sound delicious. I can’t wait!

Humble Boy

York Settlement Players are one of the more dynamic community groups, producing work that sets them firmly apart from the stereotypical “community” group that the more cynical amongst us might think of.

Their previous intense and darkly hilarious production of Laura Wade’s Breathing Corpses at the Theatre Royal is proof of that they are not afraid to take chances. So any new production by the company is to be noted.

Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones is a comedy about “failed hopes, deception, indecision and bee-keeping”. Directed by Jan Kirk and featuring a great cast of local talent – pop this in your diary for the end of the month.

Instructions Not Included

Recording the multimedia for Instructions Not Included
Recording the multimedia for Instructions Not Included

Some years ago York-based theatre maker (and frequent Six Lips Theatre collaborator) Rebecca Thomson discovered that she suffered from Type 1 Diabetes. Like all good creative folk, the obvious response to this life-changing news was to pour the trials and tribulation into her work.

Instructions Not Included is an honest, open account of learning to live by a new set of rules, this true life story is “told with warmth, humour, engaging storytelling and visual style”.

This show will be performed as part of World Diabetes Awareness Month, and will be followed by a Q&A opportunity.

As always, if you have any news you’d like me to mention in the December diary then punt me an email and I’ll do my best to cram it in. Now go see some shows!