‘The strangest pub in York’ could lose its licence

The council wants to withdraw a popular pub’s licence after neighbours complained about alleged noise and anti social behaviour.

The Clockhouse, formerly The Acomb, on Kingsway West could have its licence taken away after council officers said they were repeatedly called to the premises over complaints about loud music during 2017 and 2018.

A report prepared for a meeting on Monday (8 March) says City of York Council’s public protection team want the venue’s licence revoked.

A member of the noise patrol team who was called out to a resident’s home on one occasion said:

  • The music continued to be audible throughout and at 11.09pm it was possible to very clearly hear Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond blaring out out at a level which would undoubtedly disturb sleep.

Fined £5K

One of the Clockhouse murals
With its walls covered with murals of pop stars, pool room, and function rooms the Clockhouse was described as ‘the strangest pub in York’ on TripAdvisor.

Council documents say the landlord and his company were fined nearly £5,000 in January after being convicted for running a pub that is too noisy.

The report adds that, since then a further complaint about noise and anti social behaviour has been received.

But the landlord told licensing officers that the pub’s DJ never plays music particularly loud and that a customer had wedged open the pub’s door on a warm and busy evening.

He added:

  • If the door hadn’t been open I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a problem.

    There’s been a noise complaint from somebody but obviously there’s other people that there hasn’t been a noise complaint from.

He also said some of the licensing conditions, requiring all doors and windows to be shut at 10.30pm, were difficult to comply with.

Hourly patrols

The bar at the Clockhouse
Public protection officers asked that, if the pub’s licence is not withdrawn, further conditions are imposed, including installing an alarm system to alert staff when doors are left open.

They have also requested that employees carry out hourly patrols between 10pm and closing time to make sure it is not too noisy.

There is no objection from police within the report.

The licensing committee will consider the review at a meeting at West Offices on Monday at 10am.