The Mix guide to… The Aesthetica Film Festival

16 Oct 2013 @ 6.39 am
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Like your cinema short, sharp and from across the globe? Here’s our low-down on the Aesthetica Film Festival 2013

What is it?

A rather classy short film festival returning to York for a third year in November, this time showing 300 films!


When and where?

The Festival will be held from the 7th to the 10th of November, at 15 city centre locations. Those looking for a wild time can choose to view the shorts in trendy venues such as the Thirteen-Thirty One bar or even The White Stuff clothes shop.

This being York, history is also represented through screenings at the Mansion House and St William’s College. More traditionalist film fans will be relieved to hear that the launch takes place at City Screen on November 7 at 7.30pm.


Will I like it?

Depends. If your idea of high culture is the Transformers trilogy, 2 litres of sugary fizz and corn kernels in your teeth, then perhaps not. If however, you love nothing more than musing about interpretive dance over a fine merlot, this might just be your thing.

Of course with just under 10,000 admissions last year the festival clearly has an appeal beyond these two stereotypes…

Are we there yet? A Little Farther, a touching tale from Iran
Are we there yet? A Little Farther, a touching drama from Iran

What looks good?

The star of the festival may well be this years Bafta award winner for short animation the Making of Longbird. Other interesting picks could be A Little Farther, a touching drama shot in rural Iran, or The Big Leap a surreal exploration of our thoughts on the afterlife.

Proud York residents will be able to enjoy footage shot of the city dating from the 1920s to the 1980s. Also keep an eye out for the panel discussions led by key figures from Film Four.


What are they saying?

ASFF president Cherie Federico says the festival transforms York, adding “we are really excited to bring you this year’s festival with its truly exceptional line up of films and panel discussions”


Tell me more…

A single day ticket for one adult is priced at £15, whilst a full festival pass is £30. For more information visit