The magic is spreading! Shambles shop to supply its potions to Hamleys

Phil Pinder in the Potions Cauldron on Shambles. Photographs: Richard McDougall
14 Oct 2019 @ 9.20 am
| Business, Shopping

From a small shop on Shambles to the world’s most famous toy store – something magical is in the air…

The Potions Cauldron has struck a deal to supply its enchantingly popular drinks to Hamleys.

It has ordered an initial 5,000 bottles to supply its legendary flagship store in Regent Street, London, and other branches around the UK.

Owner Phil Pinder told YorkMix:

  • It’s fantastic news and shows how our potions have really captured people’s imagination.

    To be able to say we supply Hamleys will hopefully unlock other possible markets. Since sealing that deal, The Potions Cauldron are already in talks to supply another national name.

Amazing year

This month marks the first birthday of The Potions Cauldron, which opened at 9¾ Shambles, where Phil’s previous shop Cuffs & Co used to be.

And what a first year its been.

The emporium, complete with a secret wizard room, has proved a big hit with shoppers looking for an experience and something different to take home with them.

That has led to deals to sell potions in the Energi trampoline centre, Barley Hall, the York Dungeon and Castle Howard among others.

A blue plaque at the Potions Cauldron, marking the 700th birthday of founder Phileas Fry. Well, that’s what it says… Photograph: YorkMix
Fancy a Unicorn Essence chaser?

And the business also launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to boost production of its Magic Meter – which tests your magical abilities. It raised its target in record time.

The various deals has seen production of the magic potions increased from quarterly to monthly.

You get the feeling that Phil won’t stop until the whole world is a Potions Cauldron customer.

He said: “Things outside the wizarding world can be a bit gloomy. And our potions seem to put a smile on people’s faces – which is the real magic.”