The films to see this month in York: August 2014

10 Aug 2014 @ 10.13 pm
| News

It may be summer, but as the torrential rain has reminded us the English weather can never be fully trusted, writes Helen Megone. So here are the movies worth ducking out of the rain – or even the sunshine – for…


The Expendables 3 (Cert 12A)

You may – like me – have thought that after the first sequel to The Expendables Sylvester Stallone and crew would have realised that they are in fact, expendable but they’re back for a third outing (and they still haven’t come up with a better title). This time they’re up against a ruthless arms dealer Colonel Stonebanks played by Mel Gibson who finally returns to the big screen this summer after years in the Hollywood wilderness.

Release date: August 14

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (18)

The sequel to 2005’s Sin City comes out this month and fans will be delighted to see that not only does it feature even more violence with a slick comic-book feel but it also boasts a strong supporting cast with Lady Gaga set to star alongside familiar faces of Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba as we return to the gritty underworld of Sin City.

Release date: August 22

Science fiction

Lucy (12A)

Scarlett Johansson plays the eponymous lead character who after having been tricked into becoming a drug mule by her boyfriend accidentally takes in some of the drugs and transforms into a merciless warrior who can time travel and ignore pain. This French film from director Luc Besson also stars Morgan Freeman and looks to be a stylish, intelligent film.

Release date: August 22


What If (15)

Daniel Radcliffe has done everything possible to distance himself from Harry Potter – from The Woman In Black to a turn as gay poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings. Now he’s trying out comedy as Wallace, who seems doomed to be unlucky in love. When he meets Chantry who lives with her long-term boyfriend the chemistry between them is unmistakable as they try to find out what happens if your best friend is also the love of your life.

Release date: August 20

The Inbetweeners 2 (15)

The boys are back and this time they’re on their gap year in Australia which provides the fuel for more cringe-worthy antics. After the success of the first film which managed to transfer the wit of the TV series to the big screen it will be interesting to see if the jokes still feel fresh in this sequel.

Release date: August 6


The Unbeatables (U)

This animated football caper features the voices of Rupert Grint and Rob Brydon as a team of table football players come to life to help a young boy save his town from destruction. Originally an Argentinian film this actually looks like a summer children’s film that you wouldn’t have to pay me to go and see (although that’s only judging from the trailer so don’t quote me on that Mum…)

Release date: August 15

Million Dollar Arm (PG)

Mad Men star Jon Hamm takes centre stage in this true story of an American sports agent who headed to India to set up a talent show to try and find a new Major League Baseball player amongst the raft of eager young cricketers.

Release date: August 29

Screen specials

For something a little different head to City Screen where they are showing a sing-a-long version of Frozen at 10.15am from Sunday, August 10 to Thursday, August 14.

There will also be a screening of the Globe’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Monday, August 11 at noon.

Finally for any Doctor Who fans head along to either City Screen or York Reel on Saturday, August 23 where they will be showing the feature-length opening episode of series 8 featuring new Doctor Peter Capaldi. City Screen will then show a Q&A live from London with special guests.