The Conservatives reveal their candidate for York Central

11 Nov 2019 @ 6.42 pm
| News, Politics

Improving air quality, better green spaces and more funding for schools – three of the issues that York Central’s Conservative Party candidate is passionate about.

She was revealed today to be Fabia Tate from Malton. She will be looking to overturn Rachael Maskell’s 18,000 majority in York Central come election day on 12 December.

Fabia was born, raised and educated in Yorkshire and works in business development for a Yorkshire bespoke robotic company. She said:

  • It is an honour and a pleasure to be standing as the Conservative candidate for such a vibrant and historic city.

    York has a fantastic and unique character, thriving businesses and a buzzing culture but there is still more we can do to make York an even better place to live.

    I’m standing to improve our air quality, protect our green spaces, increase funding for schools and improve social care especially for the elderly.

‘Standing up for residents’

Fabia was one of the team campaigning for Zac Goldsmith in his campaign to be elected to Richmond in 2016
Fabia said that she was committed to getting Brexit done. “Only the Conservatives can end the division and then focus on the domestic agenda; such as supporting the NHS, improving schools and cutting crime by funding more police officers.

“A vote for Labour or any other party will lead to more delays and arguing about Brexit for all of 2020. A second referendum, in which Labour might not even back their own plan. A second Scottish independence reference putting our Union at risk and no progress on people’s other priorities.”

She is also hoping to restore voter faith in their elected representatives. She said:

  • Trust in politicians is at an all-time low and the recent behaviour of MPs in Westminster is doing nothing to change that.

    Politicians seem more concerned with playing party politics than they are about people. I’m standing to change that. I believe that people should be at the heart of politics.

    That’s why I promise to be here all year round, listening to your views and standing up for the residents of York.

She will be taking on Labour’s Rachael Maskell, looking to win back the seat she has held since 2015, Green Party candidate Tom Franklin and James Blanchard of the Lib Dems.