The Army move in to help with York vaccinations

29 Jan 2021 @ 4.23 pm
| Health

Members of the Armed Forces are now helping the vaccination effort in York.

The soldiers are assisting in a number of ways at the Askham Bar NHS Covid Vaccination Centre.

Clinicians are stepping in to deliver vaccines and cover workforce gaps at short notice, and other personnel are helping with planning and logistics support. 

Brigadeer Tim Seal visits the centre. Photograph: Darren Casey / DCimaging

The national part of the Askham Bar site opened on Monday 18 January, offering vaccinations to people up to a 45-minute drive away.

That’s in addition to five pre-existing Vale of York local vaccination services.

Prof Mike Holmes, GP and chair of Nimbuscare which is running the York site, said: “Everyone has pulled out all the stops to get the vaccination programme up and running so quickly.

“The support and expertise of the military has been absolutely key to us being able to operate efficiently and we are extremely grateful that they’re working with us.”