Ten tips for a better night’s sleep

Sleep tight…
23 Feb 2017 @ 5.04 pm
| Health

The body is designed to sleep. But too many of us simply aren’t getting enough.

benenden-logo-cut-out-750That’s not good. Without proper kip we are more likely to put on weight, have accidents and feel unhappy.

So what can you do to ensure you are properly rested?

Brought to you in association with York-based health mutual Benenden here are ten tips to preparing for the perfect sleep.

1. Relax

Photograph © Pexels

The body is designed to sleep. Rather than trying to ‘chase’ sleep, practise doing nothing and simply ‘letting go’

2. Avoid stress

Set a regular bedtime and give yourself time to wind down. Turn off mobile phones two hours before sleep and avoid work or stressful activities

3. Cut stimulants

Photograph © shixugang

Avoid caffeine, nicotine, heavy meals and alcohol before going to bed

4. Switch off

Turn off the television and avoid digital screens as you wind down

Read lots more tips to boost you and your family’s wellbeing at the Benenden website

5. Don’t work

Avoid doing work in the bedroom, which should be quiet and relaxing

6. Keep fit

Photograph © Skitterphoto

Exercise every day – try 30 minutes of walking or cycling – and ideally not within four hours of bedtime

7. Set a routine

Set a regular time to wake up every day, to encourage a normal sleep-wake cycle

8. Keep cosy

Photograph © Kruscha

Keep your hands and feet warm. Use thick socks or a hot water bottle if necessary

9. Boost your bed

Make sure you have a good mattress and pillow: you’re going to spend a third of your life on them

10. Get in the tub

Photograph © Iain Watson on Flickr

Take a hot bath two hours before bed, as the increase in body temperature primes you for sleep.