‘Super broke, Super Break’ – Travel firm worker made redundant turns ordeal into brilliant rap

Two of Haxby Swango – Hutchy and Jack
3 Aug 2019 @ 7.54 pm
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A worker at Super Break has responded to the collapse of the travel firm in a brilliant way – by writing and recording a rap with his band.

Haxby Swango has been on the York music scene for a few years now. Original band mates Jack and Hutchy were joined by drummer Laurie a year ago.

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Hutchy – James Hutchinson – learned on Friday (2 August) that he was one of the many workers at Super Break on Eboracum Way who were out of a job after the company ceased trading.

It was a complete shock for many in the workforce. And Hutchy channelled his own emotions at the news into the Super Break rap released on Sound Cloud.

The lyrics include:

  • They drive off in Mercedes Benz
    We don’t know how we’re gonna pay this rent

    Sorry that you didn’t get your seat reservations
    But now my wallet’s looking peak for the bacon

    Superbroke Superbreak
    If you’re broke I relate

“I’m a musician. This is how we express ourselves,” he said. “We went for a commiseration drink after work all in complete shock.

“Beautiful, wonderful people of Super Break, I love them all so much.

“On my way home I popped into the studio and put some of my thoughts and frustrations down – trying to have a little bit of fun with the situation.”

‘Voicing our frustration’

Hutchy said laying down the track took less than an hour:

  • At first it was just a joke for my colleagues for the group chat, to give some fun/a voice to our frustration.

    The key message of the track is that everyone at Super Break was a wonderful, hard-working person and it wasn’t fair what happened to them.

    I hope the track serves as a fun souvenir for them at least.

The song has already had a lot of love. Comments include: “That’s seriously brilliant”, “Brilliant – may it go really spectacularly viral”, and “Boom! Top tune”.

Hutchy said: “We are blown away by the reaction.

“Hopefully this will get people thinking that this kind of thing shouldn’t happen, especially to people like the lovely people who work at Super Break.”

Haxby Swango are now taking bookings before their upcoming releases. Their latest track, River Street, is available on all digital platforms.

Super Break – the lyrics

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Pressed ‘After call work’ then i went for a ciggarette.
When I look back on this I have no regrets

Super broke, Super Break,
If you’re broke, I relate,
If you’ve got no job and you’ve got no cake,
You’re like me, Let’s be mates,

They drive off in Mercedes Benz
we dont know how we’re gonna pay this rent
if we go for a drink in the Keystones after I’m like,
How them fuck am i gonna pay for them?

Get a call off a dickhead travel agent,
Fuming, cheeky, ranting, ravin
look at the booking, I can see the mistake bitch –
you can’t spell when your typing a name in
sorry that you didn’t get your seat reservations
but now my wallet’s looking peak for the bacon

job got swept and i havent got shit,
but at least we get to see the end of laterooms
like oh my gosh what happened to the money
I loved that job and I arent being funny

went from flying people across ocean
then lost my job when I got a promotion, shit
I nearly got to wear my own clothes in
not quite, but it was a real damn close thing

LOVED everybody that I goddamn worked with
they all helped me grow as a person
Viva la super break, it was truly great
and im so sad that we’re calling the curtain
I wish everybody there my heartfelt best
god loves a trier and this is a test

Superbroke Superbreak
If you’re broke. I relate
if u aint got a job and u aint got cake
you’re like me!
lets be mates!

Superbroke Superbreak
If you’re broke. I relate
if you are wanting a room that’s late, you can just call…