Students take over art gallery for one-off exhibition

27 Oct 2014 @ 11.34 am
| Education

Griselda Goldsbrough, who has coordinated the exhibition, with one of the pieces of artwork
Students have taken over one of York’s most prestigious arts venues to create a one-week only exhibition.

The art and design students from York College are staging Value Of The Find at York St Mary’s on Castlegate until Sunday, November 2.

They invited artists to put forward works for the exhibition on the themes of treasure, personal value and hidden memories.

From those submitted, they chose 20 to hang alongside students’ own artworks.


Students with two of the artworks

“The works the student curators chose all sit well together and the pieces of art created by the students look fantastic,” said Griselda Goldsborough who has run the project on behalf of York Museums Trust.

“I have gained an insight into curating, which is a niche area,” said Alex Morrillon, one of the participating students from York College.

“I knew nothing about the process of putting an exhibition together before I came on this course and it is definitely an area of work I could explore in the future.”

The exhibition responds to the current main exhibition at York St Mary’s, Finding The Value, which sees new work being created out of the personal collections of one man, Peter Madsen.

  The exhibition is free. York St Mary’s is open from 10am to 4pm, but will stay open to 8pm on October 31 and November 1 as part of Illuminating York

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