Spotted! Kirstie and Phil filming Location Location Location in York

13 Jun 2017 @ 8.35 pm
| Entertainment

They’re the Burton and Taylor of househunting, the Mulder and Scully of property pursuits.

And now Kirstie and Phil are on the search for new homes in York.

We revealed last month that Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer were to film legendary property show Location Location Location in the city.

And now here they are.

Spotted in two locations

Rumbled! Kirstie sees they’ve been spotted. Photograph © Jayne The Unicorn
From what we gather, one of the people Kirstie and Phil are trying to help into a new property is a teacher in the city.

The pair were spotted filming a link for the Channel 4 show outside the estate agents on Bishopthorpe Road at about 10.30am today (Tuesday).

Later they were doing some more filming at Victoria Bar on the corner of Victor Street and Nunnery Lane.

And YorkMix reader Joanne Higgins spotted them in Kingsway North.

“She was holding up traffic but was really polite and apologised to me,” Joanne wrote on Facebook. “She was getting something from another car.”

Phil shares a joke with his camera crew at Victoria Bar. Photograph © Jayne The Unicorn
Known as a ‘telly husband and wife’ the pair looked to be enjoying one another’s company. Photograph © Jayne The Unicorn
A few people had spotted the famous duo, and snapped a few pix on their phone.

But these fantastic images, taken at Victoria Bar, are from York photographer Jayne The Unicorn.

You can see more of Jayne’s brilliant pix on her Instagram page.

Let’s hope the arrival of the Location Location Location team helps to spark interest in the York property market. According to one recent survey, it may be in the doldrums…

Lining up another take. Photograph © Jayne The Unicorn
They’re not ready to catch the bus out of town yet. Photograph © Jayne The Unicorn

Caution: Househunters at work
They chose a nice day to hit the York property trail. Photograph © Jayne The Unicorn
A break between takes. Photograph © Jayne The Unicorn