Sixty per cent oppose Bishy Road closure – but the scheme is extended by two months

Sixty per cent of people did not support plans to close Bishopthorpe Road in one direction – according to City of York Council.

But the council says the closure has achieved its goal of providing more space for social distancing outside shops, and has therefore been extended for two more months.

The measures hit some snags. The report said queues built up along Nunnery Lane from Micklegate because of the roadworks on Blossom Street. And strong winds blew over the signs one weekend, causing problems.

A bus operator also asked if buses could be allowed through the closure – but the council report says it was not possible to rearrange the road layout to allow just buses through.

Nevertheless the report says: “The measures included in the order are relatively simple and have achieved the objective after some initial bedding in time.

“The measures were organised and implemented relatively quickly.

“Options for alternative barriers to minimise the visual impact and provide increased protection are being considered.”

Mile-long diversion

The scheme is being extended

Drivers travelling south on Bishopthorpe Road need to take a mile-long diversion because of the closure. And some motorists have apparently been using St Benedict Road to avoid the diversion.

Extra signs have been put up asking people not to do this.

The report says the closure “has an impact on access to the area by emergency services although access is available under blue lights if required”.

And 60 per cent of people who took part in a consultation over the plans did not support the closure – although only 69 people responded.

A petition is calling for it to be reopened

A petition requesting the removal of the closure has more than 1,600 signatures.

The report says the arrangement is still necessary and it will be reviewed at the end of the month to check whether it is still appropriate.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne says the closure encourages active travel and helps create space for social distancing.

Have your say on the trial by emailing the council at [email protected].